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Other Publications by Lewis Grassic Gibbon
Titles originally published under the name of James Leslie Mitchell except where noted. Year of recent reprints in brackets
Hanno: or the Future of Exploration 1928 
Stained Radiance: A Fictionist's Prelude1930(1994)
 The Thirteenth Disciple1931  (1981)
 The Calends of Cairo 1931 
 Three Go Back 1932 (1986)
 The Lost Trumpet 1932 
Sunset Song (Gibbon)  1932 (1988)
 Persian Dawns, Egyptian Nights 1932 
 Image and Superscription 1933 
 Cloud Howe (Gibbon) 1933 (1989)
 Spartacus 1933 (1990)
 Niger: The Life of Mungo Park (Gibbon) 1934 
 The Conquest of the Maya 1934 
 Gay Hunter 1934 (1989)
 Scottish Scene (Gibbon & MacDiarmid) 1934 
 Grey Granite 1934 
Nine Against the Unknown (Mitchell & Gibbon)1934 
 The Speak of the Mearns (Gibbon) 1982 (1994)

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