Something to Read in Hard Times

Many of us are familiar with the more explicitly Scottish works by J. Leslie Mitchell, written under his pseudonym Lewis Grassic Gibbon.  Sunset Song has seen many editions and is taught in classrooms across Scotland. Terrance Davies directed a major motion film...

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Emma Rose Miller - Blog Author

Emma Rose Miller

Emma Rose Miller


Emma authors blog content for the Grassic Gibbon Center.  She is currently based in Tucson, Arizona, but will be relocating to Scotland to conduct research as a Bilinski Fellow in 2019.  She holds a BA, MLitt, and MA in English and Scottish Literature, and an MFA in Creative Writing. She is currently finishing her PhD in Literature with a focus on time, language, and magic in the works of Lewis Grassic Gibbon and Sir Walter Scott. Her interest in Gibbon, specifically, began when she read the Scots Quair and discovered that Gibbon had somehow managed to articulate all of her own secret feelings and thoughts that had previously eluded language. She has been teaching Sunset Song to college freshman at the University of Arizona for the last several years and enjoys watching new readers discover the clay fields of Blawearie and the plaintive cry of the peewits.